Development and production of specialized TPE


ALLOD supports its customers in close collaboration from the first idea to serial production and beyond. Apart from developing and manufacturing custom-designed ALLRUNA® materials, we answer your questions regarding technology and raw materials and provide support with application technology. It‘s an integral part of our offerings.


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ALLOD is characterized by


  • short development time
  • individuell idea processing
  • flexibility
  • confidentiality
  • reliability
  • maximum product quality
  • support in releasing materials
  • work together in partnership
  • Lectureships at schools, colleges and institutes




research projects


  • "Extra Light - Extreme lightweight construction with plastic-metal hybrids", in cooperation with the BMBF, ptj, Daimler, Audi, VW, Albis Plastic, BASF, Inpro, new materials Fuerth, SABIC, Technical University of Berlin, ThyssenKrupp, TRUMPF
  • "TPE with direct adhesion to glass" in collaboration with Schweiger, SKZ KFE
  • "Policy development for bonding test specimens" in collaboration with VDI, BASF, Kraiburg, Freudenberg, Müller Kunststoffe, API
  • and much more