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Our range of products includes TPE featuring


  • Shore-hardness ranging from < 5 Shore A till 65 Shore D
  • defined filling degrees
  • adhesion to
    • engineering plastics (with the possibility of translucid forms)
    • thermo set rubbers like EPDM, NBR, ECO, CSM, EAM, etc.
    • inorganic materials and surfaces like metal, glass or ceramics (translucent types possible)
  • variable mechanical characteristics
  • varying resistance to temperature and media
  • certain relaxation- and damping behavior depending on strain and temperature
  • defined surfaces (e.g. opal, glossy, low friction, textured, colored)
  • specific surface feel
  • extremely good flowability
  • colorability
  • tailor made properties


as well as the possibility to combine several characteristics.




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  • multicomponent injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Blow molding
  • Gas injection process
  • ...