In many cases, we were able to derive novel ALLRUNA® formulas for components from the customers’ construction-related requirements that provided our customers with an important benefit on the market. Our strengths are our understanding of the applications and how to realise them with the corresponding thermoplastic compound. Given our short development times, high flexibility and the use of individual ideas you can expect highest product quality and reliability.

We are also glad to support you with our experiences in the construction and processing of any component made of ALLRUNA® materials.

Possible processing types of ALLRUNA® include

  • injection moulding (incl. GIT, WIT, PIT),
  • foaming,
  • profile extrusion and cable extrusion,
  • special extrusion,
  • blow moulding,
  • calendering,
  • welding (laser, ultrasound, friction and mirror welding).